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Brief & Strategy development

We work closely with you to develop a detailed specification addressing business, design and technological objectives to ensure your project is a success. Netready can help you to structure your objectives, assess existing on or offline systems or create a brief to get the most out of a new system.

We have extensive experience across a number of different areas enabling us to help you streamline business processes, select and implement the most appropriate technology for a given task. Strategy development can include production of a specification document, including site maps or wire frames to provide detailed technical overview for a project, for example:

Hosting review – Analysis of current site traffic, current hardware, security and coding efficiency. Make recommendations for improvements, streamlining systems and improving security

Website review – Assessment of current site use and areas for improvement. Increasing efficiency of a site, for example by reducing the number of clicks taken to access information or products

We have been working closely with Netready for the past seven years and all projects have exceeded expectations and been delivered on time and on budget. The system we use to update our website is very intuitive and simple to use. We can recommend Netready as a reliable and dependable supplier. EMIN