Successful development starts with a detailed, well thought out plan. Netready work with you to make sure your ideas meet all your outcomes.

Client Brief

When Netready receive your project brief we review it and apply our experience to offer suggested approaches and any additional questions about the expected outcomes of the project.

Requirements Discussed

Netready will discuss your requirements for your system. We will determine the flows needed, how information should be stored, the security of your data, outputs/reports formats and permission levels.

System Documentation

Netready we realise that good documentation leads to a well defined, comprehensive system. We will produce design mockups, flow diagrams and technical specifications that are detailed enough for developers yet clear for you. Documentation would use your business terminology and processes so that it is understandable.

Client Review Of Documents

Netready discuss and demonstrate the proposed solutions and the advantages it would provide. We would make sure you are happy that the solution would meet the defined objectives. We would also highlight any information security aspects that make sure it is a secure product that your business can rely on.

Project Cost

Each component of the system will be described with enough information in the system documentation that Netready can produce accurate costs for the production of the project and any ongoing costs. The cost structure could also include future phases for components that are required at a later stage.

Project Timeline

Netready will agree with you on a project timeline with milestones and phases. This plan will allow you to allocate any resources to the project, such as your time to review and test releases we provide to you as the system builds.


One of Netready’s developer teams will begin the project, using our project management system and production processes to ensure that the project is developer in accordance with the documentation. Our processes ensure that systems are built with a focus on meeting the system requirements and security objectives. Our project manager will update you with progress, usually via weekly meetings.

Client Review

Netready will provide you with test releases of the system for you to review. We would explain the part of the system that has been produced so that you can reference the system documentation as you test it. This means that you have a clear set of criteria to check against when you are testing.

System Amendments

Netready review your feedback and amendments following your review of the system and plan any changes that are required. We will update system documentation where necessary so that it stays correct and relevant, and we will inform you of any impacts on timelines. You will be asked to review the amendments in a subsequent test release.

Independent Security Testing

Netready will determine the requirements for any security testing and will work with a third-party independent software security specialists to provide verification that the system has been produced to the correct level of security. Should any security concerns be raised during the testing we will quickly mitigate the issues and put measures in place to avoid them reoccurring.

System Launch

The project plan may dictate that the system is released in full or in phases. Netready would either manage the complete configuration and launch of the live system or will work with your IT team to deploy the system. Our working methodologies lead to systems that are easy and quick to launch without compromising security.

Future Expansion

Netready aim to create software for life; the system we produce for you will grow and update as your business changes and expands. As new requirements are identified we use the system documentation to determine the best possible solution and the impact of changes, and work with you to plan and implement the updates.

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