Intranet Web Applications

Netready create bespoke intranet web application and enable clients to access them via portals. We make sure your data is only accessible by the people you want to access it.

Intranet Application Development

Netready develops and maintains many large scale intranet systems for our clients.  Internal web based systems are typically accessed by all staff or staff performing the same role. They can be built to be 100% internal use or can utilise APIs for a public-facing client accessible component.

We work with you to make sure data is kept securely and the cyber risk from internal and external access is appropriately evaluated.  This process is revised regularly  by our team throughout the life of the application.

Portal Development

Netready creates bespoke portals with a wide range of uses from HR portals for staff to book holiday to Student Portals for seeing timetables and exam results.     A portal enables external access via a secure mechanism to restricted elements of an internal system.  Access can be granted using two factor authentication, single sign-on or location-based depending on your requirements.

We are able to make sure your portal is cyber secure and externally tested to the highest standard to make sure the data is safe.

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