Medical Research

Netready has experience working with medical research companies and institutions providing software to catalogue and aid research.


This client has a team of experts in the area of medical sciences who use their skills to develop tools to analyse medical papers and provide modelling of data in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.


The client required an online system to be built that would provide their customers with access to the statistical research they had produced.


A system was built by Netready to parse medical papers and present them to the client’s experts in an intuitive interface so that they could quickly navigate and classify the papers. The client had been using Excel to perform this process, which was slow and had major limitations in how the papers could be reviewed. The new system provided a much cleaner way to implement the classification process by providing a user interface entirely designed around the information the staff needed to perform their task. The client was previously performing a lengthy consolidation and validation process; the new system automated this, allowing the client to remove this step from their workload. A secure login area was produced for the client’s customers to log in and view the results of their purchased research, with tools and filters so that the customer could analyse the data within the system using a lagical layout, greatly increasing the quality of the client’s product and encouraging further business.


The client required functions that would allow customers to manage their own users, as many of the customers are organisations with large numbers of staff. Netready advised on suitable authentication methods to allow customers to configure access to their purchased research, whilst ensuring the client could enforce security measures if necessary to protect their data.


  • Application in a Web Application developed in PHP Laravel
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