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The Project Process

How We Work

Netready has a strong working structure which ensures projects are strategically developed from pre-production through to completion. Netready has held ISO:9001 accreditation for the past nine years and we have implemented ISO:27001 into our daily practices. A project typically follows the process outlined above. Netready provide expertise in the selection, implementation and utilisation of the most appropriate design and technology to suit each of our customer’s needs, allowing our clients to maximise their return and streamline business processes. The guidance and solutions we provide are based on years of experience designing and developing a wide range of complex, quality solutions.

Netready work with our clients to compliment their existing knowledge and partner them in implementing on and offline solutions and making informed investments for their businesses. Our team creates intuitive design and utilises a wide variety of programming languages in our software to ensure the most appropriate technology is adopted to suit each of our client’s needs. Thus they gain an individual approach to their project and benefit from our diverse knowledge and expertise.

In short, we provide our clients with solutions that are current, simple to use, robust and evolving in line with the latest tried and tested developments in technology which allow our clients to quickly and easily manage their business systems in house.

I have found Netready to be friendly and approachable, willing to explore new ideas and make intuitive suggestions on how to improve the effectiveness of our website and online strategy. I have recommended them in the past and would have no hesitation in doing so again. Leicestershire Chamber of Commerce