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Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design has been around for a few years, yet the phrase is probably not that familiar to most people. Put simply, responsive web design refers to a website that detects the screen size and orientation of the device on which it is being viewed and adapts its layout and content accordingly.

By building a website using responsive design, we can increase usability and remove the need for the user to pinch, swipe, zoom or scroll around the screen to find what they are looking for. Increasingly now internet users are browsing on a variety of different devices and it is important to ensure that your potential clients are catered for so they do not opt to go elsewhere.

Netready is highly experienced in adopting responsive techniques and can implement responsive design for some or all of client websites and applications, as required.

I have found Netready to be friendly and approachable, willing to explore new ideas and make intuitive suggestions on how to improve the effectiveness of our website and online strategy. I have recommended them in the past and would have no hesitation in doing so again. Leicestershire Chamber of Commerce