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Netready has worked on a wide range of systems for companies involved in the construction industry, developing mobile applications and web based systems.


This client performs building control inspections throughout the country, and works with local authorities to produce inspection reports and Building Control Approval documentation to homeowners.


A system was required to store details of the project, including managing surveyor visits and producing regulatory project documentation. A mobile component was required for surveyors to input inspection reports on-location.


Netready produced a web-based management system to record all aspects of a project, from initial contact with a homeowner through to producing legal documentation. Staff management tools allow team leaders to allocate projects to surveyors based on location. A secure web app lets the surveyors log in, review previous inspections and perform new inspections. The system has flows built in to guide users through the necessary documents that have to be sent to Local Authorities, Fire Service and occupiers depending on the outcomes of the inspection, thereby ensuring that regulatory requirements are met. To reduce the workload of the administration team common tasks, such as letters chasing for a response, were automated where ever possible. These advancements have saved the client time in managing projects, and supports them significantly with external audits.


System security considerations extended to the personal data of the client’s customers and the business critical aspect of the data. Netready were able to advise on appropriate implementations for the authentication process, separation of areas of concern and how sensitive data should be stored with regard to data retention regulations. The system contains significant logging so that data changes are monitored and can be reported on if required as part of the external auditing regulations.


  • Application in a Web Application developed in PHP
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