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Netready has experience developing applications that involve access to large amounts of highly sensitive data plus providing secure client access to this information in a controlled way.


This client works with companies and individuals to assist them with the immigration of staff into the UK and EU countries. Whilst their work encompasses many different aspects of the industry sector they are in, this project focused on one of the main areas of their business: the management of immigration applications & permits for their clients (the employees).


To assist them with case management they utilised a bespoke case management system for recording the details of the cases their team members are working on. That system was developed around 2012, with what is now out-of-date technology. It was agreed to rebuild the system to improve its user interface, security and processes.


The new system developed by Netready was built as two separate web applications, with a secure API connecting them. The main system is the internal case management system for the staff to use in their day-to-day tasks; it is where they create cases, monitor and report on progress and generate documents for their customers. The second system is a portal that customers can log into to obtain an overview of their cases and to access secure documents.

The system assists staff in managing their cases by using flexible workflows which prompt and guide users through the tasks involved in completing cases. A case will go through key stages, at which point the system will notify the user to take action, or provide tools for the user to record actions taken. Different workflows have different actions, and those actions themselves vary depending on information stored on a case. The user can generate documents based on case information and request the system to email the customer to notify them that new documents are available on the portal for their attention.

A complex user permission structure was built into the system so that staff can be limited on which customers they work with, based on office/country location, case type and experience. Depending on your role on the case the information you have access to is cascaded to your team colleagues, and the system has tools to help when documents require a secondary check from another staff member.


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