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Netready has worked for many years on systems that contain large volumes of confidential client data providing the highest level of security and workflow automation.


This client offer services to the insurance industry related to visiting properties, buildings and structures. They take measurements of subsidence and perform surveys and similar tasks, which result in reports sent to the insurance companies and home owners.


The site visits, collected data and reports that the client was producing were managed on a variety of different systems, including Excel spreadsheets and third party apps. A new system was to be built specifically to meet their requirements, and to meet the following objectives:

  1. Improve efficiency in handling data (e.g. reduce manipulation of Excel sheets)
  2. Improve communications with other parties (e.g. provide automated SMS to home owners)
  3. Optimise site visits so that driving between visits is efficient
  4. Standardise data flow
  5. Reduce maintenance (e.g. remove variations on the same Excel sheets)
  6. Provide opportunity for more detailed KPI reporting


Netready and the client planned the new portal that would allow booking teams to manage the jobs they are allocated. The portal heavily integrates with a third-party route optimisation system, so that technicians’ rounds can be built up into schedules containing optimised routes. As new jobs are added, they are scheduled to the most suitable technician based on the visits the technician has nearby. The booking team have multiple tools to speed up communication with home owners so that visits can be agreed via Email and SMS. The portal contains various screens that contain information focused on the user’s task at hand; for example if a user is working on confirming appointments they see lists of visits needing their attention and have features to record their communications, and users working on planning schedules see routes overlaid on maps and have features to rearrange visits within strict SLAs that the client works to. A separate web-app was built to allow the technicians to store the results of their measurements and surveys on-site, and send the data immediately back to the portal so that reports could be published.


  • Application in a Web Application developed in PHP Laravel
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